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Kansas City Restaurant Jobs was designed to connect the best servers, bartenders, managers, hosts, bussers, chefs, line cooks, and dishwashers with the best restaurants in town.  Restaurant owners and managers love the site because it helps them reach restaurant industry professionals.  Job seekers love this site because it is the most convenient way to reach the largest number of restaurants looking to hire.  Both owners and job seekers want to find each other and the best find each other here.

KC Restaurant Jobs is completely free for you to use.  Pick the part of Kansas City where you want to work.  Fill out the form and we will send your information to all of the restaurants in that area that have subscribed to our service.  You will also not have to sign up for an account or membership.  The site is designed to make finding the job you are looking for as user friendly as possible.  That doesn’t mean you should jump right to the job listings.  Take a moment to check out the restaurant job resource center where you will find everything from resume templates to tips for nailing the restaurant job interview.  Of course we would also really appreciate if you helped us keep this free for job seekers by liking us on Facebook, tweeting us on Twitter, or sharing this site with friends.

KC Restaurant Jobs was created after a certain other website started charging exorbitant fees for every job listing.  While this site isn’t free, it is far cheaper than a single ad on popular jobs websites.   We provide you with an ongoing stream of interested candidates to help you fill your positions fast.   We also provide you with a better pool of job seekers because we focus exclusively on the restaurant industry.  We market to professionals and as a result you won’t find your inbox being filled with people who have never seen a restaurant kitchen.  If you need to be interviewing more qualified applicants to keep your restaurant fully staffed, we can help you find them.

Kansas City Restaurant Jobs was created by David Hayden, a restaurant consultant who was formerly both a server and manager.  The goal is to help connect the best restaurants with the best service industry professionals.  After fielding calls and Facebook messages weekly from owners seeking staff and employees seeking to make a change, he decided to design a system that was better for both groups.  You can learn more about this site at our about us page.

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