Using Kansas City Restaurant Jobs – The Best Practices

With so many Kansas City job hunters using KCRJ, we wanted to provide restaurants some tips on making the most of their subscription.  Here are some technical and operational tips we recommend:

Speed Matters – When a job seeker hits submits their response it will go out to all of the subscribers in that region instantly.  This means that if you wait to contact job hunters they may already have interviews set up at other restaurants.  Act fast and get your interview scheduled first.

Email Efficiency – For many subscribers having the responses sent to a secondary email helps keep their primary mailbox more tidy.  If you choose this method, contact your email administrator to set up a new inbox.  You can also use a free email service like Gmail to set up an account.

Be Ready To Sell – In the current economy qualified restaurant professionals will field multiple job offers when looking for a new position.  It is important that you are able to convey to them what your restaurant has to offer,  Do you have set schedules, benefits, a great employee discount, or opportunities for advancement?  These will help you land the candidate you want.

Those are some of our ideas.  Do you have some best practices to add to the list?  Contact us and we will share them with the group.