Frequently Asked Questions About Kansas City Restaurant Jobs

How does it work?

Job hunters select the part of town they are interested in and fill out a form that is probably very similar to the application you use at your restaurant.   These applications are then sent to all subscribing restaurants in the area they selected.

Does it cost anything to apply?

Filling out the application is free.

Does it cost anything for restaurants?

Individual restaurants are charged $9.95 per month to receive the information from all job seekers in their area.  There are discounts for chains of more than 3 restaurants.  This price is still significantly lower than the price of a single ad on the most popular help wanted website.

How do I sign up?

There is a simple two step process that you can start by visiting our registration page.

What if my restaurant is on the border of two regions of the map?

We will add restaurants to two regions if they are physically located close to the edge of a region.  If you prefer to be in just one, please contact us and let us know.

Can I have the submissions filtered so I only receive FoH or BoH?

No.  The system is not set up to provide that option at this point.  It is something that is being considered as the site grows, but in the startup phase it is not feasible.  Murphy’s Law also guarantees that as soon as you say you don’t want to get BoH resumes, your best three line cooks will quit.  So it might be best to not tempt fate.

Can I change the email address the applications are being sent to?

Of course, please contact us and let us know both the old email and the new email.  We will need to confirm the information and will get it changed.

Why do you want to use my restaurant's logo?

First off, thank you for reading the terms and conditions.  I spent a lot of time writing those.  The idea of the logos is when job hunters see how many restaurants use the service more of them will use the service and all subscribing restaurants.  Using the logos of each subscribing restaurant helps all of the restaurants collectively.  There is strength in numbers.

What are the payment options?

Currently monthly memberships must be paid for with a credit card or PayPal account.  Annual memberships can be paid for with a check.  Please use the contact page to request more information on this option.

How can I cancel my membership?

Please use the contact page and send us the information for the account you would like to cancel.  This must be done at least 5 business days before your next billing cycle.  No refunds can be given for payments already processed due to the fact that the fees are far more than the actual monthly payment.

If I cancel my registration, can I resume again later?

Yes, however when you subscribe again you will have to pay the current price and not receive the lower introductory price currently being offered,

I'm not a restaurant, can I sign up?

No.  This is a restaurant industry website to help restaurants find employees.

How will you let job hunters know about the site?

A combination of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and public relations.  This effort will be handled by the site’s creator, David Hayden.  You can learn more about him on our about us page.  His most notable client in this area is Up-Down where he has built a page with over 45,000 Facebook followers for the Kansas City location and 18,000 followers for the Minneapolis location.

I'm afraid I am going to get too many applications cluttering up my inbox

I would recommend using a separate email account for the contacts coming from this site.  You can have your email administrator set up an account or use a free email provider like Gmail.

I have a questions you didn't answer here?

Feel free to ask me directly using the contact page.