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Thank you for choosing Kansas City Restaurant Jobs to help you find your next restaurant job.  This website was designed to help job seekers contact multiple restaurants at once with their qualifications.  This will allow restaurants to determine if you are a fit for the job openings they have and call you in for an interview.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The form you fill out is not an official job application.  A job application is a legal document so the restaurant may ask you to fill out one approved by their lawyers.
  • Most of the questions on the form are not required.  You are still strongly encouraged to complete the form in its entirety.
  • Upon successful submission of the form it will disappear and you will receive a confirmation message.  If this does not happen immediately, please wait 30-60 seconds before clicking the button again.
  • Logos on the website are from restaurants that are subscribers.  This does not necessarily mean they are currently hiring for your position.

Now for some words from our lawyer.

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